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General use haunt behavior question

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So I have been toiling around with an idea as a small QoL for people that can't help but put things in their backpack.

The scenario is simple: Leaving a life giving amulet in a backpack is far from unusual, the issue arises where if a player dies and the amulet is in the backpack it is useless to them. I want to make it so when a player haunts the backpack it can drop the amulet from the backpack. I am unaware if there is a way to define this behavior over all items with the container component, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For that you need to override the 'onhaunt' function from the hauntable component:

AddPrefabPostInit("backpack", function(inst)
	if not GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then

	if inst.components.hauntable then
		inst:RemoveComponent("hauntable") -- Remove it first to add it properly later

	AddNewOnHaunt(inst) -- Set up new hauntable

The AddNewOnHaunt:

local function AddNewOnHaunt(inst)
	inst:AddComponent("hauntable") -- Add the hauntable component

	inst.components.hauntable.onhaunt = DropRevivers -- Set up new 'onhaunt'

The DropRevivers:

local function DropRevivers(inst, doer)
	inst.components.container:DropEverythingWithTag("resurrector") -- Drop everything that has the 'resurrector' tag, so the Life Giving Amulet


Put all of this in modmain.lua and it should work.

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