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Don't Starve Together it's a game based on survive, die, revive. 

We have a lot of options to survive, a few to revive but only two when we die, become a ghost or reroll character (Survival/Endless and Wildernes). 

Maybe you can add an extra option like Custom, were you can choice to:

1.- Spawn Florid Postern: Yes or No (So you force your guests to choice only one character for the rest of the Gameplay like in DS) 

2.- Sapwn at: Florid Postern or Random 

3.- Become a ghost when you die? : Yes or No 

3.1.- Ban revive options 

3.2.- Reroll Character when dead

4.- Ban Characters already selected

And other new options like falling unconscious for a minutes instead of instantly die (like the forge) and use a Booster shot to wake up with a quarter of your max healt or only wake up by hand with 1 hp (all this excludes Wanda) and when the minutes pases you will truly die or all mobs lose aggro on you but if something hit you, you will truly die or hounds and spider will bite you and eat you and you will truly die. 

I have a few more ideas for This so i'll leave my e mail in case you want hear them or a modder whant to become this true. 

P. D. Please add compatibility whit extra mouse and keyboard buttons. 

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