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Anyone else love following the Veritas lore and RPing it?

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I, for one, love to read the emails, research notes, etc. found at POIs and put together a picture of the Veritas folks. Since all the dupes are clones of those folks I tend to think of them a little more like their "parents" and less like the cute little drones they are. I found the Magma Lamp and after cleaning it up found out that it was designed by Nisbet, so of course it now sits beside her bed, and of course I try to get a Nisbet with research focus for materials research.

For a while I had only read the note from Bubbles about how she hated that Banhi had spread that nickname around and she hated her for it. So, of course I tended to separate them in jobs and schedule so they wouldn't have to interact, I'm not a monster. Later on I got Bubble's follow-up note that talked about Banhi and the rat incident and that they're now BEST FRIENDS. So of course, no I always try to get a Banhi and a Bubbles and have them share a bedroom and shift.

Please tell me I'm not the only one here...


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