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Hey guys loving the game. Seriously it's too addicting. I die and I'm like NOOOO!!! *sigh* let's go again. HaHa. Anyway I would like to suggest you guys DO NOT put any guns in this game. I am really liking the whole primitive survival and living off the land. BUT I wouldn't mind having a weapon that would lunge a projectile. Seeing as you can make ropes and you can have fabric such as hats. A SLING maybe? You can use rocks for ammo? The whole hit and run is alright. But sometimes I run into situations where im low on health and would like to kill enemies from a distance.

1. Bow and arrow would be cool.

2. Sling like David and Goliath. lol.

3. Sling shot perhaps? I wouldnt know how that would work unless you incorporate rubber in there somehow.

4. How about throwing knifes? You already can make an AXE, Pick, and A Shovel.(Or an option to throw them?)

5. Blow Dart gun? Poisonous frog skin making poison needles? Maybe throw some bamboo in there. IDK just suggesting.

6. Boomerang! Oh yeee that would be awesome.

7. (Not a distance weapon like the above) What about a YO-YO weapon? You can make rope what about string?

I just dont want anything like really high tech. Low tech please.

Thats pretty much it! Thanks Guys!

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