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Now the modules to be built are becoming more and more complex. I can't do without using the blueprint. If I want to draw again according to the picture, it's easy to make mistakes.Almost 90% of my content is done by drawing blueprints in a sandbox, then shooting them in real life, and finally setting parameters. I have more than 50 sets of blueprints like this.332281918_GIF2021-9-2020-41-01.gif.9b47b5d5c7a2615f0fd6449574662dc8.gifSnipaste_2021-10-29_10-42-53.thumb.png.6c786a1228a1961c88ffb20566be237c.pngSnipaste_2021-10-29_10-46-42.thumb.png.eabac9f076a8385809afaada4a7ae8b1.pngSnipaste_2021-10-29_10-46-50.thumb.png.87459004729304c98735be8ce7922f94.png

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