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Hello there!

I just wanted to leave my suggestion for an adventure mode in DST. I really love that game, but i don't like to play alone so a was really happy when DST was released.

But now after getting lots of friends and family to buy a copy and playing for some hours, i can hardly motivate anyone to play with me anymore.
The biggest reason for that stated over and over again: "I don't know what i am playing for. It feels useless playing this game since there is no end goal!"

So i was thinking about games like Factorio (build a spaceship) with a clear goal and then i came up with a quick and nice way for DST:
Design a cool and really difficult endboss (Charlie?) and an altar randomly placed in the world. Then the players would need to collect trophies of every really hard enemy (bosses) and offer it at the altar to summon the boss.

This way the players would have to engage with every biome/enemy and would be motivated to collect really hard to get equipment for the final fight.

Would really love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Best regards

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