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Explore via x-ray

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Probably too late for this, even if the design team would like to do it, but I had a thought that I'd like to have an option to explore the map via an x-ray or radio tower type thing. It could be just as expensive or even more expensive than normal exploration — I'm not trying to make anything easier — but that way you wouldn't have to do as many exploratory shafts all over your map, which might be nice for certain base aesthetics.

I recognize there area ways to get around this, but I'm saying I'd like an in-game method that the dupes take part in.

Ideas for mechanics:

  • Tower requires dupe operation and a fair bit of power, maybe O2 as well.
  • Tower produces a fair bit of heat and maybe some kind of frustrating gas or liquid (if it takes in physical items like O2).
  • Tower takes up a fair amount of space, is probably 5+ tiles tall.
  • Tower is built out of a large amount of raw mineral and some amount of REFINED metal.
  • Maybe the tower has to be run in a vacuum, idk.
  • One tower can't cover the whole map, but in all likelihood you'll find somewhere you want to go to within range of the first tower (e.g., a geyser) and can build a second tower there.
  • Alternatively, maybe multiple towers that are linked in some way can cover more territory (similar to in Factorio iirc) but require more resources than two lone towers.
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