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Wickerbottom rework idea

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I think Wickerbottom is a very powerful character, and this is why i think she needs a little rework/nerf.

First of all now che can make a lectern, and it costs 2 papyrus, 2 boards and 2 cut stone.

Reading desk works like a science station but for books.

Now you can't prorotype books and you have to stay near lectern to make all type of books.

Wickerbottom now can't read books at 0 sanity, and now you must have the same or more sanity to read a book.

now Wilckerbottom can make a new book called "Forgotten Knowledge".

You can make this book only near a pseudoscience station with 4 papyrus, 5 nightmare fuel and 3 purple gem, and it has 3 uses and reduces sanity by 50 per use.

With this book you can make something by "researching" this thing, i mean:

You have an umbrella in your inventory, if you bring the umbrella with the cursor on the book, the word "search" appears and you can research the umbrella.

Umbrella will break but now you can craft it reading the book.

You can only craft with this book craftable things and you can't craft special survival crafting, it includes books.


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