Kashio is way too overpowered

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Hey guys,

I started playing Griftlands a few days ago, and it's sooo good ! Everything ! The story, the characters, the writing, the battle system, the art, I could go on and on about it for days !

After completing Rook's first storyline, I went back to Sal's, confident and optimistic. My run was so smooth and so fantastic, that I could not believe how ridiculously OP Kashio is.

I've got Sal battling her solo, at 75HP, and within 2-3 attacks I'm dead. Kashio attacks twice, or even three times, there are counters, shields, grenades, burns that stack to 10+, it's absolutely nuts... I could usually build some decent armor and big combos with my build, but I do not have any time to stack anything between her attacks. Am I supposed to hire a mercenary at some point to soak up some damage ?

Right now I'm so discouraged, I really don't want to go through another 4-5 hours run to get smacked down so ruthlessly so close to the finish line.

I wonder if the difficulty of that last fight is intended ? Is there an obvious advantage that I'm missing out on ? It is the first time in my limited playthroughs that I've encountered such a difficult and expeditive fight and I still cannot get over how frustrated I am from it.

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Er, she was the easiest. I mean if you have allies around you and you build bleed/improvise deck she is child play. And I think I also beat her way before the game hit launch release with combo deck (although, so much has changed since then I admit, perhaps what I employed back then would not work now - the safe strategy against her, have allies strong boons and leveled up grafts that give you initial advantage)

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