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Some ideas I had for a Wortox skin and a WX-78 refresh !

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Hi, I am a Don't starve player who started since the beginning of the first game, but it's actually the first time I post on this forum, cuz' today I wanted to share some ideas I had and wanted to listen to your thoughts on it and even, maybe, who knows, give some ideas to Klei ?


So, the two characters i wanna talk about are Wortox and WX-78 ! Wortox for a skin idea and WX for his possible refresh.

First of all, a skin for Wortox, I noticed there still wasn't a guest of honor, nor triumphant, roseate and all, it's mostly exclusive collections. While i don't have much idea I thought about something for a possible Triumphant skin. I was thinking "How about an Ancient fuel weaver themed skin ?". I mean, the ancient fuel weaver is a kind of Wendigo, he has horns and a kind of goat skeleton as a head. Wortox could easily have a skin inspired by that, and to me, it sounds like an incredible idea, especially since Klei missed the opportunity to give Wortox a deerclop skin by giving it to Wigfrid, unfortunately ! I'd love to see a concept art of a skin like that if anyone want to imagine it.

And now, let's talk about the main piece : WX refresh !

So, WX for now is a simple character, he's really close to the base game kind of gameplay. The problem is that in DST, many characters were refreshed in a way that these "base game" characters really feel empty, like they are missing something to me. Wilson is the perfect example of that.

The other problem is that DST is a multiplayer and cooperation driven version of Don't Starve, to me at least. And the problem I noticed is how WX is a really selfish character in his gameplay. Sure it does goes well with his personnality, I guess, but it's really sad.

The first problem are the gears of course. They are limited resources that are needed for basic need such as the ice box and flingomatics for example. but WX need them too to upgrade. The other problem is that when WX dies, he lost half his gears. If you gather evry gears there is in your world, you have no way to get some more except thumbleweeds. Which is reaaaally punitive. To me, dying as WX really feel more punitive than the others because of that.

The only thing that WX can help with is tanking with his huge stats. but once he lose those stats, he becomes literally useless to the team. these are the problems I have with our current WX in Together. For solo, he's great, but for multiplayer, I really think he lacks something.

So here my ideas :

-First of all, I think WX would need a special crafting tab, just for him, just like webber and some other characters has. In this tab, we could have the possibility to craft gears. Maybe the requirements for the craft would be some trinkets (the one you can give to pig king) or gold, things like that, I dunno.

In this tab you could have some other crafts that requires gears, these crafts would be kind of upgrades added to WX that changes his anatanomy, like arms, legs, head, things like that.

-For his arms, he could replace his arms by a drill to mine faster, making WX a good rock farmer in the caves, a hand cannon to shoot and deal damage at distance, offering an alternative to Walter and darts.

For his head, he could have a thing that makes WX's eyes make light, like a miner hat, by using his hunger stat to fuel it.

He could craft a furnace torso thats is fueled by charcoal and provides heat around him, like a fireplace but without the light, making it useful for him and his allies for winter. He could have an endorthermic furnace torso too to help for summer.

he could upgrade his legs to have a better speed... Upgrades like that. the thing is that he can only equip one upgrade at a time and must recraft it everytimes to change it.

if the upgrade thing is too complex, it could be just items too, like just a drill you can craft, or a handcannon etc...

Another thing I was thinking about would be the ability to craft clockwork knights and all these robots to get them as allies. I know you can repair the pile of gears to get robot slaves, so why not be able to craft them ?

With all of that refresh there could be a new skin being a "Clockwork WX" who'd look a bit like the clockwork robots, I know there's already a clockwork rhino skin, so i'm not sure it's a good idea but... I dunno, just an idea.

Here you go with my ideas, sorry to have bothered you all with an awfully long text, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my ideas and some of your ideas too ! and if i gave Klei some ideas, it would really make my day, I'd really want to express my support to Klei and thanks them for their hardwork on the don't Starve franchise, just keep going guys, you're doing an amazing job !



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