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Trouble Uploading a Mod Preview Image

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Hey there folks!

So I'm pretty new to modding (this is literally my first one). I'm trying to upload a preview image for the workshop but I keep getting an error while using the Don't Starve Mod Uploader. The mod files, name, description, etc. literally everything else can be uploaded or changed without issues but for some reason, I can't seem to upload a preview image.

My preview.jpg is located at the root of my mod folder. The dimensions are 512x512 and it file size is only 55kb. When I check the moduploader log, the EResult that I get is EResult 16, 0000000099804924 which apparently means the process has timed out but I have no idea why. I've also tried changing the image but the issue still persists. Is it a connection issue? Is it a Steam issue?

I've been trying to upload an image for this workshop item for some time now and It's been kinda frustrating. I'd really appreciate any tips or help to resolves this issue.

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