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game crash when jumping on boat (even with no mods)

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ever since new patch, the game will crash anytime someone tries to go on a boat. had mods on before but even tried with all my mods disabled and still prompts the same warning. anybody else coming across this? 


[string "scripts/components/walkableplatform.lua"]:105: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'radius' (a nil value)

LUA ERROR stack traceback:

scripts/components/walkableplatform.lua:105 in () ? (Lua) <103-109>

=(tail call):-1 in () (tail) <-1--1>

scripts/components/embarker.lua:37 in (method) SetEmbarkable (Lua) <35-42>

scripts/components/locomotor.lua:980 in (method) StartHopping (Lua) <976-944>

scripts/components/locomotor.lua:1234 in (method) OnUpdate (Lua) <996-1275>

scripts/update.lua:213 in (Lua) <170-249>


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