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Mining Yield Skill, Fridges Below Zero, & Egg Cryopreservation

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Adding another bonus to the last tier of mining skill could be a reduced penalty for mining tiles, right now there's a 50% penalty, so a tile that has 100kg will only yield 50kg, a bonus to the last mining tier could be to reduce that penalty to 20%.

Fridges can't go below 1C, that's ofcourse intentional, but that's on their own, if the surrounding temperature is -40C, then the fridge will not go any lower than 1C, which makes them pretty useless, even with the changes to food preservation once you get Wheezewort.

Would be cool if the incubation of critter eggs could be halted by deep freezing the egg, or even just placing it inside a fridge, given the fridge another use.

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