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Why can't i download MODS that are V1?

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Hey my friends, i have met a question just now:

I deleted my steam and downloaded it again, but found that the mod thar are V2 can be downloaded normally, but the mod thar are V1 can't be downloaded at all.


U can see in the picture that the MODS in folder [steam\steamapps\workshop\content\322330] can be downloaded normaolly.


but the MODS in folder [steam\steamapps\common\DST\mods] cant be downloaded at all.



All my folder paths are in English, of course. Could there anybody help me please?

by the way, I have waited for more than 3 hours to download these MODS and restarted my PC twice to check if it's my own problem....



SO strange.....i gave up and went for a late night snack for a while, and then it finally download automatically......

It's really incomprehensible but anyway it finally been solved.


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