Disable controller when game is not in focus.

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Currently when the game is not in focus, any controller that's connected continues to function as if you're playing the game.  I use my PC to charge my controllers sometimes while I'm playing on consoles, so even though I have Griftlands paused and minimized, it's continually getting input from the controller.  I've looked everywhere but there doesn't seem to be anyway disable the controller in-game, either, which itself is kinda baffling. 

What's more since there IS an option to turn off audio when the game is not in focus, you won't even know you're doing things in the game until it's already too late. I haven't tested it, but I suspect this will happen even if you're using the controller to play something else on the same computer.  It's pretty frustrating to have your progress wiped because you forgot to disconnect the controller when you're in a hurry, to say the least.

Granted, this is likely not an issue for 99% of people out there, but there's no reason it should work this way.  At the very least a simple option to disable controller support would be avoid a lot of problems.

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