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Hey, I just saw since the last few updates the different starts have been reduced significantly. I expect this is probably on your roadmap, but I wanna say one of the most exciting developments I've seen in ONI is fleshing out the various starting maps and their weird economies. The sheer alien spectacle of finding a frigid underground ocean instead of a magma biome, or having to make an alcohol economy in a forest start lend a sense of the exotic to the game it was lacking in classic terra.

Basically weird biomes are fantastic, and if they're just assigned to midgame planetoids, I'm gonna be a little sad. I'm equivocal about the Spaced Out focus on many planetoids. Options to have Spaced Out biomes and critters on classic-style big asteroids of different flavors for DLC owners would be an awesome feature.

TL;DR: widely varied starts on weird maps is a great feature, and I'd love to see it for both Spaced Out and Classic starts, with classic starts including Spaced Out biomes for DLC owners.

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