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Looking for don’t starve friends

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Hey guys - I used to be a big player of don’t starve, but I haven’t played in a while. So not too up to speed with all the changes!

I have some day 2000/3000 servers but my best friend I used to play with doesn’t play with me anymore, I’m looking for some experienced buddies to play with! 

available best in UK evening times and I like to play Wigfrid or Wurt! 

L xxx 

Also forgot to say have a microphone too and prefer mic players! 

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Hi im Hawi, 23 and i recently fell in love with the game and would love to make new friends while getting better at dst. Im not the most experienced of players by far but eager to learn everything there is to learn. Also im from Germany so our timezones dont vary too much :grin: I like voicechatting while playing, i usually use discord for that, it makes the game much more enjoyable. Keep me updated if ure still interested :)

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