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A few suggestions!

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-Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything about the update!

  • Ramming into a tree to get the seed is a but unorthodox to me. Instead, or additionally rather, the Grass Gator should be able to be startled cause him to ram into the Great tree and drop items that way.
  • Befriended strider spiders could be great ocean gatherers, picking up the tidbits and messages in bottles as you explore the ocean by simply bring them to the boat as you travel along.
  • Unless I am missing something, above average trees do not spawn figs or spider strider dens, and are purely for the lightning and summer sun protection. Or 6 logs if you choose to chop it. Figs should grow on above average trees for the amount of investment put in. I feel they shouldn't take so long, I believe it was ~15 days to grow. As for the dens, I'm unsure how but it would be nice to have them be renewable in some way like renewing over time, spawning when above average trees grow fully, or buildable by Webber.
  • Great Trees and Above Average trees seem like a great idea to introduce a potential base in the ocean, but with only boats as a walkable and buildable means to create a base on the ocean, it's slightly impractical and feels clunky. I think an addition of placeable patches of land (similar to wood flooring I would think) would make ocean bases more practical and easier to maneuver around. My idea would be placing ocean supports (made likely from planks or cut stone) to enable squares of floating land to be placed adjacent in a grid next to it. 
  • Knobbly seeds or Above Average Trees being able to be brought ton land and grown in tilled plot/plots would be awesome. It would provide protection from lightning and summer heat and provide some very cool base builds and the time investment to grow it would be more worth while.
  • Fig Newtons and Figgy pudding should be another food item with the addition of figs.
    • FIG NEWTONS1 Fig, 1 honey, 1 egg. Excludes meat and inedibles. You should get multiple of them (2-4). Stats: 10 HP, 15 Hunger, 3 sanity. Lasts 15 days. Quick eat.
    • FIGGY PUDDING: 2 Figs, 1 butter/milk, 1 honey (or Filler). Excludes meat and inedibles. Stats: 60 HP, 75 Hunger, 25 Sanity. Lasts 5 days. Normal/slow eat.
  • Others have said it here as well and I agree, Tree jam should give multiple for each craft.
  • Tree Jam should be able to be applied to living logs or sleeping treeguards to make totally normal trees.

Just throwing stuff out there and seeing what sticks. 


Sea Spider Striders sometimes have trouble hopping onto boats whether they're moving or not.

Strident Trident can damage Sea Strider Nests, I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.

Multiple boats ramming into each other creates one hell of chain reaction.



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