Zozamex's wonderfull adventure in gathering food (Let's Play)


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What's up people! I'm Zozamex and i'm here to tell you about a brand new Youtube channel i'm working on right here.But before i talk about that let me show you the point of this thread which is the Don't Starve let's play i did quite recently.It's the first time i played this game so the reaction to all the weird stuff is genuine and i didn't survive forever, how many days did i survive you ask? Well watch the videos and find out for yourself. ;)Part 1:

Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Being new to this whole Youtube shenanigans i ask you to not be nice but instead provide the brutal feedback you keep within, because how else will i improve the quality of my videos in the future?Now i don't just do dull let's plays on my channel, what you can expect from my channel follows:Old Gold?: A series of videos where i highlight old games and answer the question if they are still playable and worth spending your time on in these modern days of gaming.Co-optimal: Me and friends play through co-op games and i heavily edit the footage together to make it super charged with funny moments.Random fun stuff: Sometimes i have an idea and i'll make a video of it that ends up being fun (Example: ArmA 3 Party Boi video)Let's play: I will do let's plays yes... But i want to do games that are interesting where my play style shines through and provides a different experience to everyone elses.If you enjoyed the videos why don't you subscribe eh? Edited by zozamex
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