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Servers not available for China players

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This problem occured this morning at 1 pm,2021.7.25(Beijing time). My client suddenly cannot retrieve the server list from d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net. The weird thing was then i used vpn to login and the login was successful but still no server list. I could open the page https://d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net with my vpn on my browser. And the game just couldnt connect to d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net (CURL ERROR: (d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net) Failed to connect to d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net port 443: Timed out). Also my DNS is and it didnt work either. I pinged the address above and it showed ok all over China. I have never met such a problem that I cant even play with a VPN!!! PLZ help! My VPN was set global and host was set to connect to d2fr86khx60an2.cloudfront.net with DNS

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