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New Campaign mod needs help: How to use a static image as a character image?

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Hello there.

I have been recently working on a mod that will add an entirely new character to the game as well as its unique deck and story. However, I am having trouble when trying to display the character himself in the game. In beginning I was hoping to make a fully animated character, but after had a look at how character are actually generated in this game I gave up the thought. I asked my sister (who is an artist) to draw a layered picture (the one in the attachment is a png, since the full .psd is too big to fit in, if you want the full one please says), but now I am stuck on how to actually apply it as a game character.

I wasn't expecting it to move in any way, as long as the game can load it and display it as the character (instead of Shel) I am fine with it.

The .zip file is the mod itself, not entirely playable yet, but have a fully functioning negotiation deck (and some grafts) already. Feel free to try it out!

Many thanks!



(Without cloak and mask version. Looks too cool so I really can't miss it.)

No cloak and mask.png

PS1: Although not exactly the point of this topic, but feel free to give me any feedback on the negotiation cards and negotiation grafts design.

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Update one: tried to put "mod_anim" folder into data_low.zip. Although game does regnoise the assest added, but after trying

head = {"mod_anim/head_male_victor_notmoving.zip/head_male_victor_notmoving.png"},
head = "mod_anim/head_male_victor_notmoving.zip/head_male_victor_notmoving.png",
head = "head_male_victor_notmoving.png"

all of these three, the game still couldn't load the picture. All I get is a headless assassin, without any error message.

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