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(Google Translate was used to write the review. I am not responsible for how it translates my text, because I do not know English very well, but I hope that you at least understand the essence!)

Hello Klei!) It's time for me to write a review about DLC for Oxygen not included! I wanted to write back when I received its alpha, but decided to wait until it is filled with content and takes on a form that will be more or less close to the release. In general, I really like all the work done on this project. I've always trusted Klei and you've never let me down! And so, let's go through the main points that I personally highlighted and wanted them to look a little different:

1) Colonization of asteroids without teleports.

Oh, this is an interesting enough topic. The problem here is that in order for the program of colonization of such asteroids to be successful, it is necessary to carry out a large number of manipulations, which are very incomprehensible for beginners, and are not entirely convenient for professionals. More specifically, the problem lies in building a rocket platform on a colonized planetoid in order to land a rocket that is in orbit. Why on an asteroid, on which the first colonist has just stepped foot, to put at once a powerful and rather expensive rocket platform? In my opinion, it is worth adding a special simplified missile platform. It should be made from either minerals or less processed metal / ore. The difference between this platform and the usual one will be that it has a certain number of landings on it and when all the landings are used up, when a rocket is launched from it, it breaks down and a certain amount of material spent on it remains. It seems to me that at least such a change could greatly simplify the colonization of asteroids without teleports. In addition, in the technology tree, a new platform can be placed instead of the old one, and the old one can be moved further along the tree, but, preferably, to the level at which the study of materials is required.

2) Radiation and Duplicants.

The fact is that I am a person who believes that Duplicants are an important part of the game and more important than all the mechanisms that we create (Yet, initially, almost all mechanisms are created to support their life). Many people regard them as mere beings doing work for them. So I didn't really like it when, in improving the QoL Part 3, you made all diseases non-fatal. The old mechanics forced players to devote more time to the duplicates themselves, to monitor their hygiene, the quality of medicine, etc. It's a pity that you did not implement the transformation of duplicates into zombies due to zombie spores, that would be fun! And the necessary animations, as I remember, were in the game files)). So, in my opinion, duplicates have too strong immunity to radiation. They should be more susceptible to radiation, which would force the player to prepare for radiation more diligently. And also about the background radiation in the radiation biome. As I recall, this issue has already been raised on the forum, but I would like to raise it again. I wanted this biome to really have a dangerous radioactive background, which is why there is nothing to do in it without a lead suit. For example, this can be realized with the help of some kind of Gravitas structure, which would emit this radiation, however, this radioactive background should not be collected with the help of radbolt generators, for example, it can break them almost instantly, which makes it impossible to use them. obtain not a drop of Radbolts from this source.

3) Imperative "Cosmic archeology" and lore.

The idea of this imperative is quite interesting, but I don't really like the approach to its implementation. In my opinion, the implementation of this imperative should directly intersect with the lore of the game. For example, it would be worth adding that when analyzing an artifact, there is some probability of getting a certain device containing a video from the experiments of Gravitas or something similar. Each entry would push for the disclosure of certain details about the past and eventually led to an understanding of the general picture of what is happening (The final animation can be a simplified retelling of the lore with the addition of something epic to compensate for all the efforts of the player to reveal the plot). It is also worth adding to this imperative that the duplicates must study some ruin buildings in order to fulfill the imperative (for example, an anti-entropic thermo-reducer)

Perhaps and most likely I am asking too much of you, or you do not want to reveal the secrets of the game in this way, but if this imperative were implemented in this way, I would be very happy and the game, at least for me, has become much better). You recently said that you are preparing for the launch of DLC, so I decided to tell you my opinion about its state at the moment. I hope that Google Translate has adequately translated my text and the language barrier did not prevent me from conveying my ideas to you.)

Thank you so much for the great game and all your efforts!

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