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making already existing entities emit sounds

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hey there, i am trying to add sound emitters to existing entities (specifically boulders), but i just cant seem to work. any kind of help would be appritiated, and i am pretty new to modding, so might definitely be missing something.

here's the code:

Assets = {

	Asset("SOUNDPACKAGE", "sound/rockysound.fev"),
	Asset("SOUND", "sound/rockysound_bank02.fsb"),

local prefabs =

print("test if this works")
-- creates sound effects for rocks

local function rock1_sounds(inst)
	local inst = rock1_fn()

	if not TheWorld.ismastersim then --THIS IS PURELY REFERENCE on where your code needs to go.
        return inst
	local function onnear(inst) --when you approach the structure
	print("test if this also works")
	return inst


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