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How to make modded item have custom action?

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I'm working on a character mod that is capable of crafting 3 modded items, and I was wondering if it's possible to make them have an action labelled "activate" and each one of them doing a different thing affected the character. (and probably playing a special animation I could make if I'm bored enough)

One that gives a passive health regen for 5 minutes, adds a shield for the first 30 seconds (like thulecite crown forcefield) and makes all attacks deal only 50% of their dmg

One that subtracts 50 sanity on use,makes the player do more damage for how insane they are, and at 0 sanity the player will have 25% more speed, 50% damage reduction and 100% more damage for a total of 2 minutes before going completely sane after the 2 minutes

And one that protects the player from the elements like wetness, burning, freezing and overheating for 1 minute

I hope this isn't to much to ask and it would really make my character complete if this gets solved. Thanks!

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