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Specifically with meteors. Instead of adding the asteroids back and having a semi random pattern. You could have a meteor field that moves around the map, being something you have to plan your rocket paths around, or build a "meteor shield nosecone" that would require you to repair it once you land.

When it is next to an asteroid, it starts a meteor season, the meteors would be specific to each planet, like the gassy mooteor only spawning on the Gassy moon. 

When the field is affecting a planet, players would have another challenge when trying to transport resources, that is dynamic as well as useful. Yoy could also make it extra challenging by the meteor field causing payload launchers to be unable to launch to or from that specific asteroid. The meteors "not allowing a clear or distinct shot". It could spawn far from the first asteroid so players can still start and do significant space travel without too much worry

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