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This feature could be similar to priorities, schedule or research - accessible like a tab on top of the screen, or via button in cooking stations. It would allow setting dupes preference for foods. For example have part of colony on one diet, second part on another diet. Ideally also add ability to set how much dupe cares for proximity i.e. "go as far as you need to get what you want" vs "grab closest, with only small preference". Default menu would be same as food quality - a preference for best tasting foods. I've got idea on 2 options of how it could be possibly laid out:
1. In priorities its rows of dupes and columns of tasks, where user can up or down regulate a priority for task. Here it same window configuration user could set priorities but for certain food or prohibit eating it. 
2. In schedule user can create groups and set their time, then assign dupes to it. Here user could make menu groups and assign dupes to it. A menu group would have priorities for foods.

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