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Filters Reduce Power Consumption

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They all use 120watts but they can be made cheaper using automation to divert the different packets using shutoffs and vents.

A simple design for Conveyor Rails using a Conveyor Shutoff and a Conveyor Rail Element Sensor and you have a filter that only cost you 10watts to run!

For gasses you can use a Gas Pipe Element Sensor, a not gate, and a vent, and you have an energy free filter.

I think lowering the power requirement would be a good first step but i also think that if the various filters(especially the Solid Filter) could filter multiple things than just one gas, liquid, or solid then they would be more appealing to use.

If they were set down to 20watts and increased additionally 20watts for each element selected, like having 2 different gasses out the same pipe or multiple different items down the same rail, then they would be a better choice than using a bit of automation.

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