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[Solved] Generating items on wakeup

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Hello, I'm a bit new to modding and decided to create a character as a first project.
One perk I wanted my character to have was to generate an item when they were asleep, but I can't figure out how to do it.

What I've tried is this:

local function OnWakeUpDelta(inst, data)
    if inst:HasTag("zoe") and player.components.inventory then

inst:ListenForEvent("onwakeup", OnWakeUpDelta)

The problem seems to be that the code does not react to waking up, and that's about everything I've been able to gather.

Thanks in advance!

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I think is called by sleeper component, which I don't think players use.
Players use grogginess and sleepingbaguser from what i remember but only 1 uses event so something like maybe.


local function OnWakeUpDelta(inst)
    if inst:HasTag("zoe") and inst.components.inventory then --inst not player i think
       inst.components.inventory:GiveItem(spawnprefab("dreamstuff")) --self.inst should already be formed into inst so easier to manage

    inst:ListenForEvent("cometo", OnWakeUpDelta) --event listener

	inst._OnWakeUp = inst.components.sleepingbaguser.DoWakeUp --saving oringinal code
	inst.components.sleepingbaguser.DoWakeUp = function (self , nostatechange) --replacing the code
          OnWakeUpDelta(inst)  --inputting your code
          inst._OnWakeUp (self , nostatechange) --inputing the old code


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It worked! But now it crashes with the error message "variable 'spawnprefab' is not declared" when I'm about to wake up.

Wait, I'm dumb. It's SpawnPrefab, not spawnprefab.

It works now, thanks for everything!

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