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Webber Decorated Den Tweaks

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Heyo! I've loved the webber rework so far. Having fun with spiders, making friends with spiders, eating spiders, it's been great. My one real issue with the update is how decorated nests currently work. 

As things stand, when a den is decorated, all spiders currently near the nest will be pacified. and the web terrain shrinks to make it easier for other characters to move around nearby. If any combat happens on the web turf, the decorations pop off and the spiders become aggro to other players again. This seems okay at first, but after playing for a few days in multiplayer, it just... doesn't. All of the points below are assuming that you have a decorated nest in or near a shared base.

First off, the decorations only pacify spiders when they're already pretty close to the den. And since spiders wander around at night, your friends are still going to aggro spiders unless they got to base before evening, and don't leave until all the spiders have gone to sleep the next day. Which... Doesn't really happen.

Second, *any* damage that spiders sustain while near the den destroys the decorations. So if you have a hound wave while at base? You also have a spider wave. This is also an issue in the caves, since earthquakes can cause rocks to fall on spiders, which also breaks the decorations. This is honestly the big issue for me, because it turns spiders near camp into a kind of time bomb for anyone but webber.

Last off, it doesn't seem like the pacified spiders have any less of a sanity drain than regular spiders. This is honestly the least important bit for me, because, well, trade offs aren't always a bad thing, but it feels worth noting.

Anyway, all of this is to say, decorated nests don't feel super useful. They do keep nests from growing into queens, which is definitely a plus, but that's *all* that they do right now. Which I don't feel is the intent of the feature. That being said, I've got a short list of tweaks that I really think would make them a bit more helpful.

1) Change the parameters for decorations popping off: I think it makes perfect sense if the decorations popped off when a player harms a spider nearby, but having it be any damage just makes spiders a hazard. This change would make them amazing.

2) Change the radius/method of pacifying spiders: This one I think could work in one of two ways: either increasing the radius by quite a bit, to prevent the issue I noted earlier, or have the decorated nest pacify the spiders that live in that nest instead of just any nearby. This second option would also be a bit of a limiter, you couldn't just decorate one den and have seven more clustered around it anymore, but honestly that's not a bad thing.

3) Tweak the sanity drain of pacified spiders: I'm not saying that they should have a positive sanity aura. That would be madness. But if they even the insanity aura was lowered a bit, it would definitely make more bases webber-friendly. But again, this bit is really just qol, and not gamebreaking. 


Anyways, that's my bit. I love Webber, and I just think that a few little tweaks would make the other survivors in the constant love him too.

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