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personal wx rework ideas

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i just wanted to share some cool ideas of my own for the wx rework, if it happens. personally, i think they're either gonna rework other characters as to not mess with the 3 big boys, and leave 1 of them for last, or rework the newer characters, at least that's my prediction.

as someone can probably guess, i like wx :), they just say funny stuff and don't really have a lot going for them. it's kinda playing wilson, but you die to water and you upgrade your stats with gears. there have been some ideas like, making upgrades instead of using gears, each for the 3 stats, but i think it could be expanded more.

you could have upgrades that, upgrade, at a cost. for example, you could have one that icreases your health massively, at the cost of very high hunger drain and increased temperature damage, or something like that. maybe a module that would let you craft, otherwise, uncraftable items like the tam or deerclops' eye, for a very, very high price, altough you'd only be able to grasp the concept of only one of them, at a time, and you'd need to first get them. that would make wx kind of more helpful, being able to craft things like that. altough it would make him more extremely powerful in some circumstances, if someone is able to mitigate the downsides

another idea is that, they could alter items or functioning machines ( like the flingo or something ) to work better and/or function differently. maybe they could upgrade fridges to have more capacity at a higher spoil rate, or give a colder aura to the endo fire, at high fuel cost. that could also apply to boat things too, idk

as a small perk, since they're called the "soulless automation", they could, y'know, be soulles. kill innocent things and gain sanity, the more pain, the better sanity gain, stuff like that

maybe they could befriend clockworks, but that would make them another character that have allies, like webber or wurt, and it would also be a pain in the ass to accidentaly let a rook ravage your or someone else's base. they could as well have some reworked original concepts, like the water damage, overcharging and being a picky eater. i don't have ideas for those, but maybe balancing out the effects of overcharging would kind of make up for the new elements that wx would get. maybe some rusting effect would take place if you were wet for too long, making you way slower in general

those were my ideas, there's probably is a post somewhere with the exact same topic and ideas, but i'm new here and don't know about em. maybe there also is a gigantic flaw with these concepts that would make wx the most powerful character, but i don't know em and i don't really care, since they're really just ideas.

anyways, thanks for coming to my tedtalk :)

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