New Don't Starve Puzzles in Klei Merch Shop (art)

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My wife and I love don't starve, I have been a fan since its early Ps4 release, Long before I was married I later got the game on PC not only for the community but I prefer to have a keyboard and mouse, however after getting married to my wife, we did a lot of things together like game and do puzzles we love to buy and build puzzles especially from games we love, she quickly became a fan of don't starve together quickly became intrigued with the lore, and we thought we would love to see Klei have some of the artwork and concepts, from their game don't starve and don't starve together Made into puzzles and sold on the official Klei merch Store, I know my wife and I would pickup a few because there is so many nice vignettes and other depictions from concepts I think would work amazing for a puzzle! and the puzzle can double as a nice art display once framed and glued! My wife and I love to hang the puzzles as artwork around the house (we are kind of gamer nerds) haha

Overall I just wanted to get some feedback from the community on this idea and see if anyone would share the love for this idea! I am sure a few twitch streamers or youtubers that love this game as much as we do would probably love this idea! looking forward to seeing feedback from the community and possibly Klei Entertainment and maybe we can get some puzzles made!

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