Request: please stop purging skin mods if you're not goign to make them available yourselves

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As a DS player one often feels unloved and neglected, but most of the time you learn to live with it. I really love this game. I *prefer* it to DST, which has several features and bugs that keep me from enjoying it. But the skins. You know they're hugely popular in DST so it makes sense the same would apply for DS. Why not allow us poor, neglected DS players to customize our characters, beautify our worlds, and tell our chests apart? We can't really pretend that skins are DST exclusive because players need to tell their items apart once we've started introducing skins for fences.

Something as simple as an option to link the two games together to access your unlocked skins would be greatly appreciated. Or a limited selection of skins made available just to show us some love. And if DS really is abandonware, please let us enjoy the hard work modders are doing to extend the game's shelf life by making it more enjoyable and customizable. If the two games really are completely separate, there's no reason why modding DST skins into DS should be disallowed.



a very sad DS player.

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