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Mods group management

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Hey Klei !

Is it possible to create groups for mods I like ?

If you want to know why,  I can explain :   It's related to your updates like a big merge for example. Most of mods was unchecked (i don't understand why) and I need to check it again (I say about working mods not about failed ). I don't remember wich mods was checked before !!  For example , i have three mods and using only two of these. Next week i want to use only another one.. But now you unchecked my checkboxes...

So, the good idea to have possibility make some groups with name Group_1 and Group_n,   and add/remove mod button, "enable/disable all mods" button for a group wich in use. 

OR please don't  tuch my checkboxes on my mods ....


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