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Spider Ape DST

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Disclaimer: English is not my primary language, expect grammatical errors.

Before I start, this is my first time posting something on a forum and also my first time trying to add a modified character to DST. Okay so I was planning on creating a mod that consists in adding the Spider Ape from Hamlet to DST as a playable character, but not just a gorilla in a default Don't Starve player body, I wanted the TRUE ape on his full body, similar to the Playable Pets - Hamlet mod but only the ape. I actually managed to make some things work like the big portrait, names and names gold, the perks on the select screen, stats in-game etc. Basically the easy part..

 But now I really have no idea on how to start making the harder parts (sprites, functional perks, you got the idea), and there's still a lot of work to do... I didn't even know how to make the start inventory items appear on the select screen, nor the stats (they all appear in "?"). I have seen everywhere but I haven't find a place which guides me on how to make big creatures playable and, unfortunately, I don't have Hamlet which difficult even more my progress.

So in short, I really wanted someone to tell me how to make this ape-like character playable, and how to add the perks to it.

Here's the example of some of the things added, the sprites are the ones that comes with the Extended Sample Character mod, I didn't touched it yet.








Here's the ZIP of the mod.

Spider Ape DST.zip

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Since I made that post I evolved a lot and managed to make some of the perks I was willing to make, there's only one left but I don't know how to make this (being able to mine/chop without tools, using only hands).

And the sprites, I was able to get the sprites from the anim folder of the Playable Pets mod and make it work on spriter with the ktools, along with their animations. (see the spoiler)



But it doesn't seem to work in-game, the model gets all messed up.



How do I fix this up?

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