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I need help with my mod. (First time player and modder for the game)

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Hi! So I started making a mod of my character for the game by using the character template. after a couple hours of working on it I noticed that the mod didn't update the sprites I made for it, so its using the original sprites. I completely replaced the original sprites. is there a way to fix this?image-min.thumb.png.ee514a16b019dfb4b8bb036937706685.png

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I've just guessing here...if you open up the charactername.zip file that's in the exported\charactername folder where you put all the art into the folders, is it still the old art? I think you need to compile it somehow so it makes a new zip file for the art you made, otherwise it might still be reading from that....again, just guessing. I'm working on a character too, but haven't gotten to that part (krane isn't working for me)...and/or:


Go to the exported folder. There are two or three folders, esctemplate, esctemplate_cleared, and if you're modding DST, ghost_esctemplate_build. For now, you can ignore esctemplate_cleared (if you want) since that's only there for reference, but you should rename the other two to your character's name, and also the .scml files inside them.

Finally, let's go to the anim folder.
You'll see one or two .zip files, esctemplate.zip, and if you're modding DST, ghost_esctemplate_build.zip. These aren't quite easy to rename, since it requires also changing the name within build.bin to work. But you don't need to. The contents of the exported folder will compile into this folder, so you can just delete these. New ones will appear, already renamed to your character's name.

make sure you delete those so new ones get compiled

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