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I played a bit with the worldgen files to create an Oassis map for spacedout and I think it could interest people here.

I started from the ForestMoonlet.yaml file in the Forest start cluster and modified it to get as close as possible of Oassis. I removed the barren and sapce-ice biomes on top, added a few slime biomes and replace the cool shushes and cool salt slushes with a polluted water vent spawning in the desert. I kept the ice biomes as there is no easy option to get Wheezewort for the forest start. I also forced the teleporter sender and receiver to spawn in the starting forest biome.

There are 2 versions:

  • ForestMoonlet_rich.yaml which contain a gold volcano and 2 oil patches
  • ForestMoonlet_sparse.yaml without the gold volcano and oil patches

I also include the backup just in case. From experience, those files start breaking at each update but those should work for 3 weeks.

To use them paste the content in the file ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded/OxygenNotIncluded_Data/StreamingAssets/dlc/expansion1/worldgen/worlds/ForestMoonlet.yaml . This is for linux, on windows I don't know the path.



ForestMoonlet_sparse.yaml ForestMoonlet_rich.yaml ForestMoonlet_bkp.yaml

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