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pigs not scared and werepigs dont attack custom character?

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Hey yall! my SO and I are finishing up our mod but have some small thing we want to try to fix in our character. Our character is a pig character who can turn into a werepig. Is there a tag I can add to make it so pigs aren't scared/run away from him when he's a pig? Along with that, is there to make it so werepigs dont agro towards him? I notice that werepigs dont attack each other and pigs dont run away from each other so im hoping theres some thing we can do to make this happen. Again, thanks for any help in advanced!

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I think so that werepigs don't aggro the character, you can give him the tag "wereplayer".

As for pigs not running away, that's not easy to do. You can have a look at the brain file of pigs, they have the node to run away if an entity has the tag "player". You can't get rid of the player tag as that would mess with too many things. I'm not well versed in things that have to with the brain, perhaps somebody else can help you there.

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