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a error while trying to open my custom characther mod in dont starve togheter

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so i was trying to open my custom characther mod in process a i had a error. I resume the world with the mod activated and then the 1th image shows up so if you can help me with my error i will thank you so much... an also, how do i change the sprites of the template characther i'm using?

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Hey there!

It seems like your character's animation file isn't compiled. There are two common mistakes that can result in such errors:

1) The Autocompiler doesn't run when you start the game. 

Have you seen a black window open up when you launched DST? That little software's job is to compile your folders with your character's body parts into actual animations. If you don't see it popping up, download the Don't Starve Mod Tools in Steam - or if you already have it, check if it's in the same disk as the game (alias if the game is located at the C: drive, you should install the Mod Tools to C: drive as well).

2) You didn't renamed something properly

If I'm not mistaken, you're using the Extended Sample Character. Have you renamed everything from "esctemplate" to "facundo"? It's usually the Spriter file inside the Export folders that is causing such errors if they didn't got renamed.

If you're curious about something more specific or other parts of character creation, you should check out my awesome guide about it.

[Guide] The Big Book of DST Character Creation - Tutorials and Guides - Klei Entertainment Forums


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