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Thoughts about the Webber Rework (+ some extra ideas)

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Honestly, this rework seems very good, it let's Webber work better in multiplier.

-The Webby Whistle can make recruiting spiders in day possible and make it so he can have an army of spiders without hurting his non-spider friends. A very good item for a webber to have.

-The Shoo Box is not that amaizing but I guess it can stop spider fights if he and his fellow players are having a hard time with it. Not a bad thing to have but I don't see it getting used that much.

-The Den Decorating Set makes it possible to have a den near your base and use spiders as allies while fighting other mobs even if your Webber isn't around. A very good addition to Webber.

-The Healing Glop, I guess this one will depend on it's recipe, if it's too easy to make and can affect webber as well, then this would be incredibly powerfull but if it's too hard to make and doesn't heal much, then nobody would make it. So I am not sure about this one.
I think aoe healing is more wortox kinda thing and would be better if it remained like that.

-The Switcher Doodles seem like a really good item, obvly it will depend on their recipe if you should make them or not but if you are looking to make your army stronger, this can be a good way. I think this item will bring some colour to Webber's friends and it sounds good on paper.

-About the Spider Changes, I don't know how the hats would work and what they would do but I guess it can look good, nobody would do it in a serious survival world but it's good to have I guess.
-I think being able to get spiders from traps is going to make really good but I also think that Webber being able to just take them while they are sleeping might be too overpowered, a webber can technically use The Webby Whistle then shave the den then burn the lvl 1 den at day and all spiders would go to sleep (including the den lvl 3 spiders) then he gets to pick up (or insta kill) every spider from that den.

-Sleeping in lvl 3 dens is actually a really good, I love it. Webber put it in the base and can decorate the den then just use it as his forever bed and shave it if it gets too close to being spider queen.

-Going fast is good I guess? I mean unless you decide to add a web turf this won't effect anything that much I belive.

-From what it sounds, this nurse spider would heal the queen. Now 2 things are important, if it can be tamed, that means infinite heal to webber as long as he has some monster meat. If it can be gotten from the Switcher Doodles then that makes it even more powerfull and doesn't even require a fight with spider queen to get bassicly infinite healing. If it can't be tamed and heal webber, then I guess it's a good way to increase the queen's power.

Now, what I think would be good to add other than the things in the update list:

-Webbed Turf, it would really help by slowing down non-spiders and increasing the speed of webber. It could help with boss fights and would make the speed buff much more important.
Potential recipe: maybe a board and some silk.

-Now that we can pick up spiders, I think a suit that would let you not get affected by the webbed turf that are around spider eggs. (and the webbed turf that I mentioned before) So you can go full speed near spider dens.
Potential recipe: the suit would be made with spider drops and spiders.

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