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Gift single skins from within DST

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I'm baffled that this isn't already an option, but there appears to be no way to gift single skins to a friend from within the Don't Starve Together application.

  • These skins are not available for purchase to "trade" for free to said friend on the Steam marketplace. (I was very specifically looking at the Merrymaker set for Winona.)
  • No, I am not interested in purchasing a bundled set for this friend. They only use one character, they would only use one skin. It's a waste of money.
  • The easier you make it for someone to gift skins to friends, the more likely they are to buy a single skin on a whim and gift it, the more monetization chances there are for a game of this longevity.
  • To make it perfectly clear, I almost never spend beyond the base purchase of a game and I almost never purchase games that have any sort of MTX, including what seems to be very "fair" MTX. I have done this a grand total of two times: once for TF2, because I had enjoyed many many hours with it and wanted to give Valve a little something extra. And once last night with my "penny money" (money in my wallet from selling game cards) for a skin for the DST character I play - and, had it been available!, a skin for the friend I play with for the character they play.

As an FYI, I've worked in games for about half a decade now and that's part of the reason I'm so baffled that this isn't already a thing. Klei is completely shutting out people like me who will only ever occasionally buy a single skin when they've had a very good time with the game. I'm sure that some people will just spring for the entire set for their friend, and maybe that profit will offset the lost profit from people like me who never make a purchase for a friend because they aren't able to just buy that single skin. But I have my doubts.

Assuming this ever makes it up to people organizing the MTX from within the game - please, please consider it! I would still love to gift that single skin to my friend one day, when it's on sale again.


EDIT: Alternatively, make every single skin available from the DST Steam page so they can be bought directly from that space. But you and I both know that would become a nightmareish mess to look at and you want to keep your bundled sets on there since that space is more visible and thus more likely to be purchased from.

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