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Sculptor character idea

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Hi, Klei

Looking at new characters I see a lot of monstrifications: Wormwood, Wortox, Wurt are not human beings... That makes me sad a bit when I think about "what character would be next"? I understand that adding new characters faces some problems, like "it should change gameplay", "it should have uniques features". So I've concentrated on the features which already exist in game, but are not associated with some character. And solution was... sculpting. 

There's no char who specializes in sculpture creation, and such char could be a human. He can also have some feature besides decorations, like making living statues, or something like that. But I think I don't want to propose which features it has to have - let it be a surprise from Klei! I just have an idea of a character I specifically would be waiting for. A sculptor character, featured in sculpting!

What do the community think?

P.S. Sorry for my English


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