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"DLC bound" characters in new DLC's.

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Im not sure what are Klei politics on reworks and tweaks for characters in single player DS. There are some characters that are problematic already and will also be in the future like Woodlegs, but also Webber and Wilbur. They rely heavly on their tribes and basicly klei is forced to include and reuse certain elements of the game in every new DLC or those guys won't be fun to play at all.

With webber it is a bit easier, coz he can craft spider dens from silk and there is no need of adding regular spiders to new expansions. Wilbur might not have his monkey friends which makes him a bit worse but he still has his fast running speed and "passive manure generation". 

But what about Woodlegs? You probably wont ever add big chunks of water to future expansions but his theme is also treasure finding. So I think there was a big opportunity wasted since there are bandit treasures in Hamlet and Woodlegs has cant spot them on the map. And also when Woodlegs have his "Lucky hat" maybe lets give him a little change and the hat will literaly increase his luck level - when opening a chest he has increased odds of finding better loot. There are a lot of rng elements in the game and a character that has a better chance at them might be a really interesting addition to the game. Plus even in DLCs with little or none water he will still be a valiable pick and his sanity drain would be slightly compromised by a promise of better loots from chests, etc. 

By any means i dont expect a detailed explanation but i really would want to get maybe a link to klei's article about this problem and their views about the topic. It is overall a common problem in many games and would be a good game design lesson. 


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