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How to simply change the hair color in some mods?

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Hello everyone, I am new to modding, so I apologize in advance for not understanding everything
I just wanted to create something for personal use, I'm not trying to infringe any creator's rights
My question is simple, maybe it's a stupid question, sorry.
I want to know how to simply change the hair color in some mods, for example this mod

I have tried to extract the textures(which locates at ./anim/flaire.zip) using simplex's ktools
But I found it looks very weird when I open the scml file


The scale of each object does not look right
I changed the color of hairs, it looks like this in the game


And I have another question, even after I modify the scale of the object in Spriter, I don't know why but it's still remains the same in the game.


This is my files

I am not familiar with Spriter, I thought it was because change anything around in Spriter and saving it isn't gonna working in the game
But according to this video, it doesn’t look like that, which confuses me.
After she saves it, it works normally in the game
I don't know what I did wrong?Can someone teach me?
Thanks, btw my English is pretty basic, please pardon me if I made any grammar mistake, thank you.

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Sometimes ktools makes the files look wonky, like in your case. I also don't know what causes this, sometimes it happens :-(

For small changes, like hair colour, you can also use matt's tools to convert the tex file to png, make your edits, then convert it into a tex file again and zip it up. 

As for your second question, scales modified in Spriter won't change, if I see it correctly in the video, the only things that is changed is the pivot point, which will change the position of the picture.

If you want to change the scale of the picture, you will need to change the size of the picture in gimp or similar.


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