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How do variable work with shaders?

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I am very confused by basically everything about how variables work with shaders, What variables the game sends to the .ksh by default and how to send extra variables to it. I think "PostProcessor:AddUniformVariable()" and "PostProcessor:SetEffectUniformVariables" are what I am looking for but I can't figure out how I am supposed to use them. I have been trying to port the "postprocess_blur.ksh" from DS to DST but I can't find out what variables it need and how to provide them to it.

I keep seeing "PostProcessor" mentioned in the code related to this stuff but I can't find a "PostProcessor.lua" or anything else that might contain it's code anywhere, but if I could find it I might be able to learn how it sends variables to the .ksh shaders and fix my issue.


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9 hours ago, Monti18 said:

I don't know anything about PostProcessor, but did you have a look at this post from zarklord?

There is some explanation of the functions, perhaps it helps you.

Thank you so much, that has given me the last bits of information I needed to truly understand how these shaders work and even though it took me about 5-7 hours to learn it I think I have a good enough understanding to make my idea work.

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