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How to change server Game Mode? Command not working

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So we played a decent amount of hours and now that we're going to be staggering our playtime we realised we forgot to set it to endless, then it dawned on us that we could lose our world when some people aren't even online which completely sucks. Lots of players are new so Endless is really a must. Is there any way I can change it? Its currently on Survival. Are there any mods that'll do the trick? Or text files I can edit or something? Can I transfer the generated world onto another Cluster, losing inventory is an acceptable sacrifice. I've tried using the following console command:

SaveGameIndex.data.slots[1].server.game_mode = "endless"

But this didn't work, we don't have any other worlds so its the correct Cluster and the command goes through without any errors or anything popping up in the console so I don't know why it doesn't work. Any ideas? Don't Starve is a game that we only come back to once every year or two, so to have it end like this would really suck. Cheers anyway.

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