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Balancing Ideas for some of the ruins craftables

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1. Pick/axe : I don't think I've even seen anyone really use this, ever. Because the most practical use for it, is to recycle low percentage tools. Not a single soul would ever carry 20 axes and pickaxes with 1% durability to the ruins just to make them reusable. The thing is, the only practical use for this tool is having it around for emergency use while not dedicating 2 slots for separate tools. So if this becomes a magic tab item or a blueprint, just so that we can craft it anywhere, that would be amazing. It's certainly not op, just makes it viable.

2. Lazy Forager: Why can't we refuel this with nightmare fuel again? Like, it's not even close to magiluminescence in terms of value, yet it's ten times more inconvenient to use. I mean yea it still has the usecase of getting them items from the middle of those hole thingies in the ruins but that being the only real use is just lame! Picking large amount of items, like after a bearger harvest, is nothing but inconvenience. And I really think we should be able to refuel the lazy forager with nightmare fuel so that it becomes more practical.

3. Lazy Explorer: Add a shortcut to toggle the function on and off. Please!

Also, regarding to the ancient tab, it would be nice if we could build some sort of decoration turf with thulecite fragments.

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