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Wyvern the Bubble Blower Project Proposal

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Hello people from the Forums! I am proposing this character mod in order to get feedback/advice on what I should change with this character, or some tips on how to code this character (especially on those I directly marked, which will be underlined). I understand that this is a long read, but I would greatly appreciate any help! Originally, I made this document for myself, but I decided to share this, so I modified the format a bit. Also expect some of these mechanics to be maybe dumbed down due to my lack of talent (which I will try my best to avoid). Also also, this document kind of scares me.

Everything in green are edits suggested by another discord user in Klei Entertainment discord

Everything in cyan are changes made on my own decision

Wyvern The Bubble Blower - My Second Character Mod

Purpose: Her role is to be the ultimate base builder, where other players can stay at, in order to refuel and recharge and stuff. (Basically, she is like Winona, if her character focused more on bases).

Odds of Survival: Grim. Despite her talent as a base builder, she isn’t a good fighter, with a damage penalty, a damage vulnerability, and low health. In the Don’t Starve Together, fighting things is an essential part of survival, which is why I consider her odds of survival Grim.

Backstory: (To Change/Update)
Wyvern’s mouth has been replaced with a bubble blower thing. Her mouth and cheeks were cut out and replaced with a bubble blowing mask. Her saliva has been modified to blow bubbles. She can enhance the bubbles she creates with helpful effects for others. One day, while returning home from work, she was kidnapped by masked men. These masked men sent her to a facility where they used her as a human experiment. After her operation was complete, she was thrown into the constant to see how she would stand. Embedded inside her, is a device that returns information back to the facility, however, the staff of the facility cannot interact in any way with the survivors without compromising themselves… for now. Also her back story will have something to do with my first character mod, Wayne the Experiment, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

Personality: (To Change/Update)
Wyvern is 24 years old. Wyvern is a very calm outward appearance, despite her past experiences. Despite this, Wyvern is a very impatient person, and she is easily annoyed by things. Wyvern does know her own combative weaknesses, however, she always reluctantly willing to engage in fights.

Wyvern’s Basic Stats:

100 Health
200 Sanity
200 Hunger

*Can blow helpful bubble beacons
*More Efficient With Tools
*Not much of a Fighter
*Wants to build the best base possible

*Doesn’t like it when her things are destroyed

Advanced Stats (The easy part):
*More Efficient With Tools
Wyvern can put her tools to longer use, and she is more efficient at using some of these tools, too.

*Not much of a Fighter
Wyvern deals 25%
 (15%) less damage, and takes 25%(12.5%) more damage.

*Wants to build the best base possible
Wyvern is 15% faster than a normal character, so she can get to base faster. Her hunger and sanity drains slower as well, so she can focus more on getting the base set up.

Wyvern also knows how to make an Alchemy Engine at the start of the world. (Not like Wickerbottom, the Alchemy Engine is the only recipe she knows that can be unlocked via a science machine). May need help with this

*Doesn’t like it when her things are destroyed
Wyvern will lose sanity if a crafting engine or other base structure is destroyed near her, and she will have a negative sanity drain on her if she is nearby burned structures


Her Bubbles (The very hard part and will eventually require me to use the forums insistently, I apologize in advance):

Wyvern can blow 7 different kinds of bubbles. All bubbles also have a certain value of effective aura range, which are mostly the same for all types of bubbles. All bubbles will pop after 30 damage. Each bubble of one kind can only exist in a functional manner once in the world per Wyvern, and up to 3 bubble beacons can be present per Wyvern at one time. If there are more than one Wyvern in a world, then two of the same bubble cannot function within range with each other. Caves and the Overworld count as separate worlds. Wyvern has her own bubble tab to house these crafting recipes.

Generic Bubble (Pink): Has no functional purpose except to restore sanity on popping and as a technical base for bubble beacons. Popping it will give the popper 5 sanity. Costs 1 hunger to make. The only exception of “ the one bubble beacon of each type” rule. (Starting Recipe). This may not even make it to the final product, but I still like this idea.

Bravery Bubble (Red): Will increase attack and defense for players and friendly mobs. Costs: 3 Nightmare fuel, 4 red Mushrooms, and 40 hunger. [Alchemy Engine]

Fertilizing Bubble (Orange): Causes all plants near it to grow 1.25x faster. Costs: 5 Manure, 5 rot, 30 hunger, 100 Sanity. Range: Moderate [Science Machine]

Light Bubble (Yellow): Will emit a light as long as the bubble exists. Costs: 6 Light Bulbs, 6 Charcoal, 40 hunger. Range: Moderate [Science Machine]

Filling Bubble (Green): Decreases Cooking time by 30%. Increases Crock Pot Recipe bonuses by 25%. Costs: 4 Green Mushrooms, 80 Hunger [Alchemy Engine]

Soothing Bubble (Blue): Emits a sanity aura (+3 Sanity/min), and light health regeneration (+1.5 Health/Min). Costs: 4 Blue Mushrooms, 60 Hunger, [Science Machine]

Weather Proof Bubble (Purple): Acts as a Heat Source in Autumn and Winter, and as a Cooling source in Spring and Summer, acts as an umbrella, and acts as a lightning rod. Lighting strikes do not damage it. Costs: 1 Umbrella, 1 Thermal Stone, 10 Gold, 50 Hunger [Alchemy Engine]

I can already tell how painful coding, spriting, and animating all this will be. I am so scared of animating for Don’t Starve Together; especially animating from scratch.

Key Tasks Summary:

  • Figure out whether or not to make the bubble beacons entities (like spiders or pigs) or structures. I actually really need some advice with this.
  • Wyvern’s Health/Sanity/Hunger
  • Wyvern’s character portrait
  • Wyvern’s sprites
  • Wyvern’s quotes
  • Wyvern’s expertise with tools
  • Wyvern’s speed boost
  • Wyvern’s hunger and sanity drain resistance
  • Wyvern’s Bubbles 
    • Pink
    • Red
    • Orange
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Purple
  • Bubble Health
  • Bubble Ranges
  • Bubble Sprites
  • Bubble Animation


If you are not interested in Wyvern’s scrapped ideas, then now would be a good time to stop reading this document. However, I felt it would be fun to share these scrapped things and why I scrapped them so....

Scrapped Ideas: 

*Bubble Lifespan. Basically, all bubbles would be active for a certain amount of time before popping. But since I designed these bubbles with the idea of these being stationed at one base, I thought that this Lifespan idea would make these bubbles useless, so I scrapped it. 

*Brave bubble (Red) [Original]: Increases defense for players, decreases attack for hostile mobs. I felt this was redundant to the original blue bubble. So I scrapped this, and turned the old blue bubble into the new red bubble.

Last note, but everything from here is scrapped from when I decided to partially redesign Wyvern.

*An insulaphobia mechanic: I felt like this would clash with the purpose of the bubble beacons, as the bubble beacons are meant to stay at base, where players are not always at. If Wyvern had this, then she would have to go with other players, which is something that her main mechanic is not designed for. However, I am going to reuse this mechanic for something else. 

*Sanity loss on player death. Basically, the same idea as to why I scrapped the insulaphobia mechanic. However, I am going to reuse this mechanic for something else.

*Only one bubble beacon per world. I scrapped this after scrapping Wyvern’s insulaphobia mechanic, when I decided to focus her character on building the best base possible. I felt that this would hurt the character as a whole.

*Sanity gained on creating bubbles. After redesigning Wyvern, I felt this mechanic itself wouldn’t make sense for the character. However, I am keeping the sanity gain on popping a generic bubble.

*Wyvern the Protector: I felt that Wyvern’s main mechanic wasn’t good enough on it’s own, so I decided to revise her. One idea I had was to make her some sort of field medic, where she could take damage for players, and revive players. However, I realized that Wyvern was fundamentally flawed this way, so I scrapped this idea for Wyvern. Then I had a fear of making Wyvern too much like Winona, so I scrapped Wyvern as a whole. But then I got over it and I decided to make Wyvern’s role the ultimate base builder, even though Winona will probably get a rework (she needs one) that will be something similar to Wyvern. However, I want to use this protector idea for a future character.

*Original Personality: Originally, Wyvern was going to be an innocent, optimistic, yet clingy girl who had Stockholm syndrome. Her character evolved from this, and then I decided to take this character into a different direction, which scrapped the 15 year old girl who wanted to protect everybody.

Poorly Drawn Wyvern Sketch

Poorly Drawn Concept Wyvern Sketch

Edited by Earthyburt
Edited in some user suggestions
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