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Some feedback & suggestions for eye of the storm update

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Finaly fun boss and infinite light has added in the game, many of us was waiting for that a very long time. It is worth to kill champion many, many times, but there is some anoying parts aswell doing this. Sometimes its very hard to give Wagstaff tools to help him upgrade that thing, its because his hit box is very small. Usualy have trouble when he spawns inside forest or there's something else nearby. Those birds which spawn when you helping wagstaff should despawn after champion is defeated. Many times I see them at the map while going somewhere. And the most anoying part, when storm spawns top of your base, specialy if you build mega bases like me. It's anoying because of two things, its hard to chose good spot to help wagstaff, he usualy choses bad spot for me, inside pens or forest and its hard to pick up tools and give it to him. Second anoying thing is that Charged Glassy Rock damages walls and animals in pens. It would be nice if for example there will be new structure, that prevents storm from spawning where you have placed it, or attracts storm. To be honest I was thinking that wtorm will spawn in empty biomes, but after doing this event yesterday, I noticed it will spawn where it wants & doing this event multiple times, most of the times it will chose my base.

I understand that this feedback would be helpful while this update was still in beta, but I didnt play then. :)


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