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Death Perception, Preparing for your first Winter and how to survive it

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You're a new player to the game, and you want to know how to survive the upcoming event, Winter...

First, you need to prepare yourself with needed resources, if you have transplanted resources at your base already, don't harvest them after day 16, only because resources NEVER regrow in winter.

If you have transplanted juicy berry bushes, don't harvest those after day 13.

The reason why you want to leave the resources for day 16 is because if you harvest them, they take about five days to regrow, and on day 21, they won't grow since it's winter.


You are going to need a thermal stone, crafted in the survival tab

Recipe costs: 10 rocks, 1 pickaxe, and 3 flint1569578751_preview_twitchitem_heatrock.thumb.png.9fc48604013e62f397b56fb959c9b4e9.png.973a4cd33a1d7efe34d1bd9a1b2332b7.png

No matter what the durability of the pickaxe, the thermal stone will always be at 100% once you craft it.

The thermal stone is used for keeping yourself warm, as long as it's at its correct temperature.

If you are in Don't Starve Together, thermal stones have durability, always loses it when its temperature goes neutral.

You are also going to need a torch, so you can burn trees to keep warm

Note: Don't use insulating clothing that goes on the body, so you can use your backpack or piggyback (heck even a krampus sack if you got lucky).

These are 100% optional to the player, but you can craft insulating clothing, the best being a winter hat and a beefalo hat, both crafted in the dress tab.

Winter hat: 4 beefalo wool and 4 silk

Beefalo hat: 8 beefalo wool and 1 beefalo horn (33% chance to drop from a beefalo.)

The beefalo hat has a perk, being that when beefalo are in heat, they will not attack you unless it breaks, you unequip it, or attack the herd (JUST PLEASE DON'T BASE NEAR BEEFALO REGARDLESS)

Winter hat: Gives the player 1.3 sanity per minute, 120 seconds of insulation

Beefalo hat: Gives 240 seconds of insulation

HOW TO HEAT UP A THERMAL STONE (there are 2 amazing ways)

1. Use two roaring fire pits and wait until your character barely starts overheating

2. Light (a) tree(s) on fire and run in and out of the burning tree until your character barely starts overheating

Things to prioritize in winter!


These two are a walking cane and a tam o' shanter!

Both obtained by killing MacTusk and his crew!

Tam o' shanter drops 25% of the time

Walrus tusk drops 50% of the time

Recipe for walking cane (found in dress tab)

4 twigs, 1 walrus tusk, 2 gold

Tam o' Shanter: gives the player 6 sanity per minute, gives 120 seconds of insulation

Walking cane: Gives the player a 25% speed boost (this stacks with other speed boosts, except beefalo)

Another thing! 

When there is a hound attack in either winter or spring, ice hounds can show up..
On death, they can freeze most anything alive including the player

*9 days of boring stuff later*


That doesn't sound like Santa (credits to James Bucket)

Don't Starve Together in a Nutshell (4 seasons in 4 minutes) - YouTube

time stamp: 1:35

Your character is upon the night of day 30 and deerclops is coming to shred you to pieces.

Preparation for her is fairly easy!

You need...

A roaring campfire precrafted, 

3 football helmets

5 perogies (cooked in a crock pot)

fresh ham bat

Recipe for pierogi:


1 meat, veggie, egg and filler (can't be twigs)


Note: If deerclops spawns in your base, she can and will destroy anything; and has a -400 sanity aura, that's why it's best to tank her

Once you're done, you can use the eyeball to make an eyebrella (found in dress tab)


1 deerclops eyeball, 15 twigs, 4 bone shards

The eyebrella gives the player 100% wetness protection

gives the player 240 seconds of overheating protection in summer

*5 boring days later*


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