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Question for any streamers regarding Twitch drop requirements

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First want so say how much I love Klei, thank you for all the amazing games you make and support. This has a bit of butthurt in it, but I am just curious if other streamers have experienced the same.

The following may have been mentioned before so my apologies if this is mirroring any discussions previously had. With the recent Twitch drop changes, many streamers can no longer host drops for viewers. I understand why Klei might have done this and they have every right to do it.

One unfortunate consequence is that select Streamers who were given drop access have essentially vacuumed up all viewers and in some cases even subscribers from other variety streamers. I've seen consistent drops in my and other variety streamers' numbers where previously viewership was at a consistent 50 viewers for a Don't Starve Together stream but has now dropped down to 15. I understand you can up your hours of playtime and try to qualify to have drops restored to your channel after a lengthy process, but its disappointing that streamers suffer for this as you are forced to take a hit in your views if you want to climb back. It really does not incentivize smaller variety streamers to stream the game at all anymore since there are no viewers.

I was wondering if any other streamers (if they are on the forums even) had the same experience and if its made you choose different games to stream due to view loss?



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